Monday 6 May 2013

The Fight to be the Best

Sometimes, it's hard being angelfysh.

Today (I know; a Bank Holiday) we were in the office and chatting about the fight to keep the 100% record that we have and it was making us feel a bit tired.

Then, one of the team found these images of a different kind of fight. A pillow fight.

And we felt a lot jollier.

A couple of Saturdays ago was International Pillow Fight Day, which saw cushion-wielders across the world taking to the streets to gently thump and whack everyone in arm’s reach. 

These shots were taken in London, Amsterdam, Budapest, Zurich, and Washington D.C.

Their fight is fun! And they reminded us that - all things considered - so too is our fight.

It's quite nice being angelfysh, actually.

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