Monday 25 March 2013

The Pilates Studio - The North East's Number One

The Pilates Studio on Lansdowne Terrace in Gosforth is the North East's number one because they have the best teachers. 'Simple as that (great brand!)

And they have lots of scary looking machinery too. We know; we went there this evening.

angelfysh Henrie (far left), onebestway Hannah (centre) and Violet Bick Daniela (far right) were taught by Lynne. 

We like to get involved with our clients. And we like to experience market leaders, of course.

If you go along, do a few of the 'mat' sessions before going on the big machines in the 'Studio Sessions'. 

Pilates for softies? No way.

SEO and Increased Website Traffic

We're often asked just how much more good quality traffic will angelfysh drive to a website.

Here are some figures that we were looking at just this morning.

The Printed Bag Shop joined angelfysh in October 2011.

In March 2012, 1,300 people visited their website.

In March 2013, 6,876 have visited so far.

So, with angelfysh, you can expect an uplift in traffic of a little over 500% in one year.

If you want to explore what this kind of increase would do for your business - please call us.

Thank you.

Quality AND Quantity? Of Course.

The Printed Bag Shop is the North of England's market leading printed bag specialist.

We mentioned how many position one listings they have in Google in a previous posting. It's 37.

This post lets you know about the quality of the search terms. 

All relevant. All valuable. All number one in Google.

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Test us now - LIVE

angelfysh talk about achieving Google Page 1 and Google Position 1 listings for every client not as a boast, but as a guarantee. 

We've never failed.

To illustrate this - LIVE - pop to our website, scroll down to 'Who we help' an use the 'Test us now' links to check how we're doing - LIVE in Google.

Join them

If you want to be on page one of Google for a wide range of your industry's most desirable search terms - chat to angelfysh. 

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37 Top of Page 1 (Number 1) Listings

Since February 2013, The Printed Bag Shop has held page 1 and position 1, for 37 of their industry's most desirable search terms.

We can't beat page 1 and we can't beat position 1. But we can beat 37 position 1 listings. 

So, all we need to do now is get the other 205 search terms that we've got them listed for on page one between positions 2 and position 10 - to position 1.

We'd better get cracking...

Meet Henrie

Henrie is angelfysh's newest SEO Developer.

It's difficult to profile our developers because all they do is sit quietly, focused and frowning, staring at their screens and doing whatever it takes to maintain the angelfysh 100% record.

The angelfysh 100% Record

The angelfysh 100% record is that all clients are on page one of Google for a wide range of the most desirable search terms in their industry. It's been that way since November 2006.

All we know of Henrie is that she is determined, competitive, that she refuses to let the aforementioned record slip and that she sometimes throws stones into lakes.


Henrie will also be sitting at the top of The Vermont Hotel in Newcastle on Sunday June 16th 2013, when she’ll be abseiling to raise money for angelfysh client, Age UK North Tyneside

How nice!