Friday 20 September 2013

Google revamps logo and search page

Yesterday the BBC published a news story about how Google has redesigned and revamped is famous homepage.

Plus a Google spokeswoman said that similar changes would now be "slowly rolled out" across all of its other products (YouTube videos, Android app Play Store etc).

We chatted to Mike Owen, MD of Violet Bick Brand Consultants, who had this to say:

"It’s great that Google are doing this, the key bit of their ‘move’ from a brand perspective is ‘preventing ‘distractions’’.

Google stands for ‘search’ - so they just focus on search. No distractions.

They can run their other brands (YouTube etc.) to deliver on the promises that they make. 

But it’s nice to see the Google search brand, that clearly has the money and awareness to broaden focus if it wants to, narrow its focus.

All great brands know this - and do this.

Google’s search product brand should get even stronger as a consequence."

So well done Google we say!

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