Monday, 16 December 2013

8 tips to help you climb the Google rankings in 2014

2013 has been a significant year with regards to SEO trends, and updates from Google in particular. Encrypted searching is taking off, and this change from keyword data has left some wondering whether the tactics used by Google to defend against spam will make a major difference in getting your website out there and recognisable. While your approach has to change slightly, the need for an online presence is just as strong, with the competition growing all the time.

1. Focus on content

One important method to ensure success in climbing the Google rankings in 2014 is to anticipate what will happen over time so that you can be better prepared. Websites that use tricks to get to the highest rankings or offer nothing of value to visitors have been targeted to protect quality of both links and content. As a result, you should pay attention to the makeup of your incoming links and perform audits periodically to find and try to trim inbound links that are not put together naturally. As usual, high-quality content will remain important.

2. Increase supporting marketing efforts

Content marketing, previously buzzword focused, will move to a mature marketing method in 2014, and Google will be most interested in companies that have good supporting marketing efforts. This will show them that they are the kind of business worth supporting. To have good content, the information must be relevant to your audience, posted regularly, exude a sign that the website is active and still building, and be backed up by a presentation that shows authority and knowledge about the content being presented.

3. Google+ is important

Google's updates are going to rely on social signals more and more, and a Google+ presence will be necessary. A strong SEO ranking is one that establishes Google Authorship of the content, and ties it to a Google+ account. +1's are becoming a big factor in the "social signals" component of Google's algorithm.

4. Social Media interaction will affect search ranking

Social media has become a primary force in digital marketing over the past few years, and now, it is necessary to be on multiple networks. Strong profiles on websites that matter to customers and search engines, good information, and ease of sharing of that content, as well as being active on social networks that are relevant to your area of specialty, are all critical.

5. Increase content for mobile

Companies looking to rise up the rankings should also pay attention to the role that mobile marketing plays. As the use of smartphones and tablets rises, websites that you're trying to rank must be designed for mobile from the get-go. Semantic search will increase in importance, and this is going to be massive as voice search becomes important. This is a critical area to focus on, with regard to how content is structured and what kind of content you publish.

6. Longer (and shorter) content length

Google values expertise, and as a result, the length of content you should be looking for has grown from roughly 500 words to over 1000 words. But on the other hand, keep in mind that mobile devices will cause people to want shorter content when browsing on an iPhone, and thus creating the challenge of mobile-oriented content that will be much shorter.

7. Catch trends on the way up

Strategies for climbing the Google rankings in 2014 may seem difficult, but it is easy to determine the ways in which trends are going. Continuing the tried-and-true methods and paying attention to the new critical areas that are currently changing will allow you to improve search visibility. The rules will be constantly changing, and being on top of that change will be favorable to you.

8. Diversify your marketing

A few more ways to increase your Google ranking include taking advantage of guest blogging, which is one of the most effective ways of building inbound links, traffic, and brand exposure, locate references to your website that are without links, setting up speaking engagements to promote your website, and simply targeting the right keywords.

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