Monday 24 March 2014

11 ways to encourage customer reviews

We’ve collated some of the very best tips from around the web on how to encourage your customers to leave reviews. Whether it be service or product reviews, asking users to leave a review on your website is one of the best forms of marketing that will help not only your SEO efforts but should improve your conversion rate too.

Okay let’s get started.

1. Provide a great service and/or great products. 

Psst… you really should be doing this anyway… but if your products or service beats your competitors then your customers are more likely to leave a review.

2. Ask for a review by email. 

Include a link to the reviews page either within the automated email confirmation following a purchase or make it part of your follow up email.

3. Embed review collection in confirmation email. 

This way your customers don’t have to click away from their email at all. No obstacles are put in their way.

4. Provide comment cards. 

If your business is done in person then providing comment cards that your customers can easily fill in is ideal. Or you can pop them in the post with a hard copy receipt. (Don’t forget to provide a pre-paid envelope otherwise you don’t stand any chance of getting them returned).

5. Add a request to your ‘thank you’ page. 

This is usually found after someone has made a purchase and completed checkout on an ecommerce store.

6. Make it easy. 

As with any action you ask your customers to make you must remove any barriers. Don’t ask for them to fill in a great long form. Using the five star rating system (similar to what Amazon uses) is easy and should encourage customers to also leave a written review (which is by far the best type of review from an SEO and conversion perspective).

7. Publish good and bad reviews. 

If all you have are great reviews doesn’t that look a little suspicious? Now I’m not saying go ahead and create some negative reviews if you really don’t have any but do make sure you publish your not-so-good feedback too. This also lets your customers know that you’re willing to publish any kind of review and will encourage them to take the time to write a review.

8. Turn every bit of feedback you receive into a review. 

Whether it be on the phone, via email or social media (see next tip) any type of feedback you get should be added to your website.

9. Use social media. 

Feedback via Twitter, positive or negative, can be turned into a review, so don’t forget to ask for it. Use your Google+ local page to obtain reviews. Facebook has a ‘reviews’ tab that allows anyone visiting your company page to read or add a review. After all what’s the point of having fans and followers if you don’t do something with them? Turn them into brand ambassadors.

10. Publish reviews where people can see them. 

Why would a customer leave a review if they can’t see reviews others have made? Or they didn’t know that they could leave a review?

11. Pick up the phone.

Give your top clients / customers a call and ask them if they'd be willing to give you a review. They don't have to put anything in writing but need to be willing for you to use their names. Let them know that you value their feedback and by giving your products or services a review will help others to make a better buying decision.

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