Monday 25 March 2013

Meet Henrie

Henrie is angelfysh's newest SEO Developer.

It's difficult to profile our developers because all they do is sit quietly, focused and frowning, staring at their screens and doing whatever it takes to maintain the angelfysh 100% record.

The angelfysh 100% Record

The angelfysh 100% record is that all clients are on page one of Google for a wide range of the most desirable search terms in their industry. It's been that way since November 2006.

All we know of Henrie is that she is determined, competitive, that she refuses to let the aforementioned record slip and that she sometimes throws stones into lakes.


Henrie will also be sitting at the top of The Vermont Hotel in Newcastle on Sunday June 16th 2013, when she’ll be abseiling to raise money for angelfysh client, Age UK North Tyneside

How nice!

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