Thursday 12 June 2014

Goodbye Thomas Zehetemair

Yesterday we witnessed the entire audience of Sage Gateshead Hall One standing to applaud Thomas Zehetemair farewell after twelve years of musical directorship of the Royal Northern Sinfonia. Twelve years that has seen the opening of Sage Gateshead and the Queen bestowing the title 'Royal' to the Sinfonia.

As he gave his goodbye speech there were more than a couple of us with teary eyes.

It's not the last we'll see of Thomas though, he'll be returning at Christmas as Conductor Laureate to conduct the Messiah.

It's quite fantastic really to have such acclaimed musicians and a world class music venue a stone's throw away from us.

And we're not just saying that to be nice because they're our client.

Sage Gateshead is really up there when it comes to acoustics - with special air-filled-concrete, funny shaped wooden walls and lots of curtains. It's acoustically perfect. Which is why it attracts talent like Thomas Zehetemair.If you've not yet been... you should.

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