Monday 1 December 2014

5 Easy to Implement Blogging Tips

Hello everyone and welcome to December!

Today we have 5 easy-to-implement tips to help you when blogging.

1)    Make time to blog.

We know how difficult it can be to fit regular blogging into your busy schedule so here's an article containing 6 easy steps to fit blogging into your working week.

2)   Keep in mind what's proven to work.

There are tried and tested best practices when it comes to blog writing. Everything from the article length, blog title, content type and media used should be considered. With that in mind, here's an article we wrote containing 18 statistics to help you write the perfect blog post.

3)    Proof, proof, proof. 

It's really important to check your work for typos etc before you pop it live. Not only from the 'back-end' in the CMS but preview your article at the 'front-end' to make sure it looks good and there are no double spaces etc between words. Ask someone to cast another pair of eyes over it too.

4)    Promote your blog content. 

Probably more important than the blog article itself is making sure that you promote it effectively. We have a total of 169 tips on how to do this in another article here.

5)    Measure.

It's all very well creating the best blog post you've ever written and actively promoting it but you also need to define measurable goals too. Who do you want reading your content, what do you want them to do and how do you know whether they've done what you want? Metrics can include page views, social shares, comments, newsletter signups, media downloads etc.

Thank you for reading.


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